All you should know about Shrimps 

Likewise every business, Shrimps business has its own details and complications. While we can divide them into two main categories which are Wild (Shrimp that is taken from the sea) and Farmed (Cultivated in shrimp farms), there are also some important factors remain to know about. Knowing shrimp business terms about Varieties, Sizing and the shape of the shrimps to be delivered (HOSO, HLSO, PD and etc) are crucial to do this business. 

Shrimps Processing (Cleaning): 

Shrimps can be processed and packed in different shapes. You might have noticed the abbreviations of HOSO, HOSL, PDTO, PUD, PD in shrimp business. After getting shrimps from sea or pond they are being transported to a processing facility to be processed, sorted and packed. At this stage, depending on the processing method and the cleaning that is done on the product, one of the above abbreviations will show the condition of the product. 

  1. HOSO: Head on, Shell on 
  2. HLSO: Headless, Shell on 
  3. PDTO: Peeled Deveined, Tail on 
  4. PUD: Peeled, Undeveined 
  5. PD: Peeled, Deveined 

Shrimps Delivery form and packing: 

Shrimps can be delivered in Fresh or Frozen packings. 
Fresh delivery means that after being caught from the water, Shrimps are transported in iced containers to be packed as fast as possible and delivered by air cargo within the same day. For this type of Delivery we use cool boxes (Boxes that are filled with ice and shrimps placed inside)

Frozen delivery, means that  the shrimps are packed and stored in industrial freezers to be delivered later on cold storages. 

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